Art Inspirations

The following works of art in the Museum’s permanent collection will provide the inspiration for the table creations in Art of the Table. Twelve designers will each select one of the following works to inspire their interpretive tablescapes. Which ones will they choose? We’ll be kept in suspense until their creations are revealed on April 27, 2018!


1956.5.4-Kandinsky_HQ cropped

Vassily Kandinsky


2015.20-vase_view01 square

Zun-shaped Vase

Early Qing dynasty, 17th Century

1983.27.11-bodhisattva_vw01 square

Bodhisattva of Compassion, Guanyin

Jin dynasty (1115-1234)

Eugène Boudin

Abbeville: Église de Saint-Vulfran

Jehan-Georges Vibert

At the Breakfast Table

Jules Breton

The Pardon

Monet cropped_edited-1

Claude Monet

Villas in Bordighera

2009.14-Shonibare_HQ cropped 1

Yinka Shonibare

The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Duez cropped 2

Ernest Ange Duez

Woman in Grey on Board Ship, Gazing at the Sea

Bastien-LePage cropped 1

Jules Bastien-LePage

The Ripened Wheat (Les Bles Murs)

1978.4.9-Aphrodite cropped 1

Head of Aphrodite

Roman, 2nd century CE

Morse cropped 1

Aaron Morse

The Kingdom of Nature

Hammersly cropped 1

Frederick Hammersley

Growing Game

Chagall croppded 1

Marc Chagall

Jeune fille en marche (girl running)

Lam cropped 1

Wifredo Lam

The Casting of the Spell

Monet Waterloo cropped 1

Claude Monet

Waterloo Bridge

Sage cropped-1

Kay Sage

Second Song

Diebenkorn cropped 1

Richard Diebenkorn

Woman and Checkerboard

Cai cropped 1

Cai Jia

Zhong Kui the Demon Queller in Self-Admiration

Rousseau cropped 1Henri Rousseau

Castle in Moonlight (Le Donjon)

NymphsRoman, Libya
1st Century CERelief of the Three Dancing Nymphs